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We are not arranging packages in second week of August

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Dear Devotees of Lord Venkateshwara,  as we mentioned  in one of our previous posts, the TTD (Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthamans) has earlier announced that there will be no darshan between August 11th and 16th. The priests will undertake an important ritual called MAHASAMPROSHANAM  which happens only once in twelve years. They have not issued any type of darshan tickets for these days.

However, due to pressure from public and the government of Andhra Pradesh, TTD has reconsidered their decision and will be allowing people for darshan. However , we found one of the officials stating that only very few dharma darshan devotees will be allowed to have darshan on those days.

On the news portal of TTD http://news.tirumala.org/ everyday they displace the number of devotees who had darshan the previous day. You will find that the average number of devotees having darshan of Lord Venkateshwara in Tirupati on a day will be around 60,000 to 70,000. The total number of devotees who will have darshan has been reduced to between 1.2 Lacs to 1.9 Lacs in total for those six days of Mahasamproshanam. and all the special entry darshans tickets have been stopped for those days.

However one of the panellist on the TV programme which was telecasted yesterday stated that as thousands of pilgrims visited Tirumala in August last year and it is not possible to allow more than a few thousand devotees to have darshan during Mahasamproshanam, they have first decided to stop darshan on the days. However with public pressure, they have decided to allow darshan for around 1.5 Lac devotees on all those days together.  It seems on an average only 20 thousand devotees will have darshan on those days, so he requested devotees to not come in huge numbers  and go through hardships and return back without have darshan.

We do not see any conspiracy in decreasing the darshan timings drastically by TTD. We wish all the rituals take place successfully and the Lord continues to shed his divine blessings on his devotees.

We will not be conducting Tirupati Packages by car or bus from Bangalore during these days.

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