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Know of Tonsuring or Mundan in Tirupati

Ones hair is a symbol of one’s ego. It is considered the best way to have darshan of Lord Venkateshwara is in a state of egolessness. Getting your head tonsured and make it bald is one of to remove your ego while having the darshan of Lord. Tonsuring is also called Kalyana Katta and it is considered the best to offer him your ego by tonsuring your head. If you are planning to get your head tonsured, head shaved at Tirupati, you should do it before the darshan of Lord Srinivasa.

Head tonsuring or shaving is offered by both men and women. For women it is a much more difficult to have their hair tonsured because hair is the major part of their looks and to get rid of it would result in great control of their ego.

Over years the facilities for head shaving has undergone a number of changes keeping in mind the comfort for devotees and the ever increasing number of devotees who need head tonsuring. You have to get a blade for yourself from the temple authorities and to get the blade; you will have to join the queue where the blade is offered. A free hair cut is done by the temple barbers but people sometimes donate money to the barbers. After taking a haircut, you should go for a bath and change your clothes and then pay a visit to the temple.

People sometimes go for tri –cut where only three hair strands are cut. Many donate hair at Tirupati on fulfilment of certain wishes. going to the details…..there is a belief that LordVenkatewara borrowed money from Kubera for his marriage with Padmavati in which he failed to pay and Kubera also lead to multiple interests and then Lord Venkateswara wished his devotees to offer their hair to pay for the sum he borrowed (its interest as well)
MOre than 10 lakh devotees visit Sri Balaji’s Temple every year and the hair obtained through head shaving of devotees is put on auction. Huge revenue is collected by the temple from the sale of hair. Most of the devotees are aware of these facts when they go for hair cut.

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